Some open-source software for network science and neuroscience.

Libraries I'm working on#

  • DeNSE icon DeNSE (simulator for neuronal growth) network generation and analysis)

  • mpl-chord-diagram (a library to draw chord diagrams in Python)

  • NEST logo NEST

  • NNGT icon NNGT (unified graph library interface and improvements for neuronal


Neuronal activity#

  • BRIAN logo BRIAN: a python-based simulator with custom model descriptions

  • NEST logo NEST simulator: a library for large-scale parallel simulation of the activity of neuronal networks

  • NEURON: a detailed multicompartmental simulator for neuronal dynamics

  • PyNN: a simulator-independent language for building neuronal networks.

Model development#

  • NESTML: NEST modeling language


  • Neo logo Neo for electrophysiological data

  • Graph-tool logo Graph-tool for network structure analysis