Getting in touch#

My permanent email domain is "", you can contact me by sending a mail to firstname.lastname @ that domain.

If you have my phone number, you can contact me via Signal.

Otherwise you may also contact me on:

  • XMPP at tfardet @

  • Matrix at

Social networks#

I am (at times) active on a decentralized microblogging platform called Mastodon, which is part of a bigger social network called the Fediverse. If you want to follow me there, I post about:

  • sustainability, sustainable science, and FLOSS on,

  • complex systems, networks, and neuroscience on FediScience.

I also have an account on Twitter but I'm never posting there for reasons that are explained in my page Environment and "big-tech": impacts of digital economy, on VariabilityBlog, and in the side note at the bottom of this page.

Contrary to Twitter, the Fediverse tries to promote more ethical and open interactions, designed and moderated by humans for humans (no black-box algorithms). Thank to its decentralized nature, you can interact with diverse users and platforms all over Mastodon, Pleroma/Akkoma (also microblogging), PixelFed (image-sharing platform), Lemmy (link aggregator) or Peertube (video streaming), among others, while enjoying a local timeline where posts are focused on your instance's theme, e.g. science if you're on FediScience. To compare it with BigTech's ecosystem, on the Fediverse, you can do the equivalent of following a YouTuber and commenting on their video from your Twitter or Instagram account, and vice-versa.

You can also check other science-minded people and servers on the Fediverse, at:

Finally, if you don't feel like joining a scientific instance, there are also many more that might interest you, have a look a the following pages:


As a side note, if you want to know what being on a centralized, unethical platform like Twitter looks like, here is what happened when I tried to talk about Mastodon there:

The "unavailable" entries that you can see are posts that Twitter decided they would hide from everybody (but me) looking at the thread. So while I would think everything is fine, people looking at the thread would just not see half the content... Here are the missing posts, so you can check there was no insanity in them: