Postdoc project

Neuronal energetics

My goal is to understand how energy consumption influences neuronal activity and vice-versa. I am designing new dynamical models to model the interactions between membrane potential, calcium, and energy production/consumption and analyze how energy regulation affects the overall ability of the network to process and transfer information, as well as adapt to changes in the input patterns.

Contrary to previous work on energetic constraints (which often focused on global energetic cost, or on synaptic transmission), my work focuses on the local dynamics in the region of the soma and axon initial segment.

Because many brain networks do not function in conditions which would place the neurons under signigicant energetic stress, my work is mainly focused on two specific cases:

  • epileptic seizures and epileptiform bursts of activity in neuronal cultures,

  • Parkinsonian networks and the implication of the energy crisis associated to this disease.

Link to the lab’s webpage.

Modeling energy

Two initial models are available on three simulation platforms (NEST, BRIAN, and NEURON). Source code can be found here and the models are discussed in details in a preprint on BioRxiv.